Case Study - Roomie






Collaboration with

Good Bones Studio, Bentliquid

Service(s) Provided
Web Development


Piecing together beautiful lottie assets and imagery into a webflow website to captivate audiences.


Good Bones Studio provided the design and lotties while we developed the website adding countless interactions and beautiful transitions keeping the user in a flow throughout.

Mobile and Desktop
roomie about page mobile
Complex Interactions

With many beautiful assets provided to us, it didn't take long to merge interactions with animation to create something truly one of a kind. Keeping in mind that the user experience is the highest priority but also structuring the code in a clean way that makes sense not only for SEO but also within the Webflow designer.

roomie interactions gif

Not only was the structure a bit complex but also adding these custom interactions to elevate the site to another level was challenging but rewarding.

With experience in animation and webflow, we truly have a talented team that can make any ideas come to life and possibly adding a little bit extra to it.

roomie university page
Responsive Tool-tips

Creating custom responsive tool-tips was a challenge but nothing that we couldn't handle.

roomie pointers
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