Supji Review

Privacy First Analytics For Smart Businesses

Feb. 20th, 2024

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If you care about your users digital privacy then maybe it's time to make the switch to Fathom Analytics, a much better alternative that we have found that really puts privacy first. We have implemented it here at Supji and are more than thrilled of the results. We want to share why privacy focused analytics is the smart choice for all businesses online.

Privacy First

Unlike many other analytic software, Fathom actually protects your time and visitor’s digital privacy. They don't spy on you across the web and is compliant with privacy laws. They are fully compliant with CCPA, GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR and more.

fathom dashboard with data

Supji Part of Fathom Dashboard

Easy To Use

Fathom Analytics is extremely easy to use in that you really don’t need much prior knowledge to get started. Fathom also works well with CMS, E-commerce, and other frameworks. The clean user interface makes the data easy to understand and you don't need pointless certifications.

Plus, if you need help, they have customer email support which is hard to find these days.


Fathom overall has a fair pricing model for what you are getting. They start out at $15 per month for 100,000 page views. You can connect up to 50 sites, forever data retention, 100% data ownership, unlimited exports, email reports, and customer email support again is huge!

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Happy Person - By Kiattisak


Here at Supji, we really care about digital privacy and unfortunately most people overlook what is happening behind the scenes with their data. We choose to use Fathom for many reasons but the most important reason is to put our customers and clients first.

Remember that if the product is free, then more often than not, you are the product.