Supji Review

Semflow Review - Is it Useful For Webflow?

Updated: May 22nd, 2024

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We came across a plugin (now application) for Webflow called Semflow that was built by Pait Digital and decided to give it a try to help with our SEO. So far, this plugin has helped us in many areas.

What is Semflow?

Semflow is a paid plugin that acts as an SEO checklist with the ability to check meta tags, add page keywords, and run page speed tests (served by google) all inside of Webflow. Each page has a checklist and a status to help the user view on what needs to be completed.

Semflow icon inside webflowsemflow checklist

The checklist is loaded with quick tips for each category to help recommend better results. A user can rerun the audit at anytime to refresh. This is important to do especially if the Webflow site has been republished.

6 Month Results

In 6 months, with the help of our blog posts, we have done fairly well on total impressions. We are a business with no social media other than Dribbble so to see 4.18K+ total impressions is great for Supji. With steady growth of an average of 60 impressions a day. Although our CTR is very low, we would like to make some enhancements to get more clicks.

supji performance stats

Our Final Thoughts

Every Webflow agency should be using Semflow if they don't have their own implemented seo checklist system or they are lacking on SEO knowledge. One great thing about this application is that you can use it on unlimited websites and have unlimited audits. This is especially great for local SEO plus it's affordable. If your intention is for global SEO then you will need a lot more knowledge than what this application provides but we highly recommend checking out Semflow.