Case Study - Jones Lighting Services





Jones Lighting Services

Collaboration With

HeiPro Digital, Bentliquid LLC

Service(s) Provided
Web Development


HeiPro Digital agency needed a webflow site built for Jones Lighting Services Company.


Bentliquid designed the site and we built it with webflow adding creativity throughout the website. Most noting, the lightbulb swinging on the contact us page.

Mobile and Desktop
citizen x mobile full page screenshot
Lightbulb Creativity

Adding some personal touches to go the extra mile in user experience. The lightbulb was a perfect addition to the contact us page. As you move the mouse left to right the lightbulb will shine in that direction. On mobile it automatically swings back and forth.

Smooth Interactions

With well built structure we can add subtle smooth animation in complex areas. The trick is to translate these over the mobile and we did just that.

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