Making The Switch From Android To iPhone

Mar. 1st, 2024

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Over the last 10 years my wife and I have supported Android on the basis that it’s the cheaper option. As we started growing our business over the years, we started investing into apple products like the iMac and MacBook Pro replacing our PC’s. However it took us a while until we started making the switch from android to iPhone. Here are some big things that we have noticed in the last two months using the iPhone 15 Pro.

people all ages on phone

People on phones by Sebra

Ease Of Use

The first thing we noticed about the iPhone was it’s amazing ease of use, specifically going back and forth between multiple apple devices. The iPhone for me has been used as a tool more than a gaming device like how I was treating the old Android.

The user experience and clean interface allows the user to quickly toggle between apps in a much more cohesive way.

iCloud Is Great

Using Pages, Numbers, or other applications and saving to the iCloud gives opportunity to work from desktop and pick up from where you left off on the iPhone. Android has it’s own way of doing certain things similar to the iPhone but I prefer the iPhone at the end of the day. A user can add more iCloud storage and connect their iCloud storage with family plan members. Auto sync photos straight to the iMac and other cool features is what makes iCloud so great.

digital clouds

Digital Clouds by Rabbit_1990

App Security

Apple makes it so much easier to have control of your data on an individual app level. I find it much easier to control app settings on iPhone than on Android. The amount of control on the iPhone allows us to really customize the experience that we want to have. Set the number of missed password attempts to auto delete your data to keep your data safe incase someone is trying to get into your phone.

secure lock graphic

Secure Graphic by Chor muang


We are extremely glad that we made the switch from Android to iPhone and have noticed better productivity along the way. Now that the pricing is very similar between the new Androids and iPhones, it’s much easier to make the decision. If you are a creative, entrepreneur, or similar, then consider making the switch today!