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Why You Should Plant More Sunflowers

Feb. 4th, 2024

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There are many reasons why you should plant more sunflowers. Here are a few that may help you see the beauty, importance, and why we need more sunflowers everywhere.

Bees, Bees, Bees.

Bees are important to keep everything alive. Planting open-pollinated or heirloom sun flowers is a great way to keep bees busy and replenish honey. Additionally keeping a positive energy around your sunflowers will continue to spread that same energy throughout the region.

bees on sun flower pollenatingbee on sun flower

Supji planted sunflowers

Bees love pollinating sunflowers and it give us an opportunity to observe the bees watching them work. Not only is it peaceful but everything in this world teaches even bees dancing on a bed of fibonacci.

Flower Variety

There are so many different varieties of sun flowers. Here are a few favorites from Gardenerspath that we have planted in our own garden.

  • Autumn Beauty

  • Helianthus Giganteus L.


Supji planted Helianthus Giganteus L.

  • Sunspot

  • Topolino

For Eating
  • Mongolian Giant

  • Super Snack

mongolian giant sun flowers

Supji planted Mongolian Giants

Medium-Tall Variety
  • ProCut Bicolor

  • Velvet Queen

bicolor sun flowerconverted trampoline garden

Supji planted ProCut Bicolor & converted trampoline garden


Sunflower seeds are magic. You can eat any open-pollinated variety of H. Annuus. Some varietys produce a lot of seeds. You can plant more next year or prepare them for a great snack through the winter.

seeds falling sun flower

Mongolian Giant end of season


Planting and taking care of a garden of sun flowers is extremely rewarding when you realize how much positivity and peace it can bring. Feel the rewards of growing 12 foot+ sunflowers and collecting the seeds at the end of the season. Save the bees, save the trees, save our knees. Magic is dancing with nature all of the time, connect with it, open your mind and feel what most overlook.