Case Study - Citizen X





Citizen X

Collaboration With

Bentliquid LLC

Service(s) Provided
Web Development


Take the provided design and build it in Webflow. Add a special page that can show the tokens in a cool way.


We created a powerful responsive friendly website for Citizen X in collaboration with Bentliquid.

Implementing an awesome manifesto page where coins are falling on scroll while being interactive on hover.

Mobile and Desktop
citizen x mobile full page screenshot

The website is the same as the design but more responsive. Adding sticky headers in certain areas to follow content on the screen (desktop) really helps the balance as a whole.

citizen x falling coins
Hoverable Falling Coins

At first we had the coins go to the bottom of the screen, but we soon shifted within a day to make them more random. How we have them structured, makes it very easy to implement changes on the fly to get the desired clients look and feel.

falling coins gif
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